20 Second Advisor: 6 Last-Minute Retirement Strategies

In a perfect world, everyone would be on track for their retirement goals. More often than not, people are usually playing “catch up” in their 50s and 60s to realize their retirement goals (working less/not all all, traveling, buying a vacation home, etc.). Here’s a quick breakdown of “6 Last-Minute Retirement Planning Strategies”¹. Save Like…

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20 Second Advisor: Traditional vs. ROTH

This concept is extremely important and can have a massive impact on your retirement. Here it is short and sweet: Traditional IRA / 401k – Save tax today; pay taxes later (in retirement). When you make contributions to a Traditional IRA / 401k, you reduce your taxable income NOW. When you retire and begin pulling…

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How disciplined will you be in the next downturn?

Do you remember early 2016? I sure do. The global stock market dropped approximately 15% from November 2015 to February 2016. During that time, I received several calls from clients expressing concern.  Some of these concerns are paraphrased below: “I can’t handle seeing my money disappear any further.” “Such a sharp drop in the market…

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