Life Goals

Verisail’s Secret Revealed. Step 3- Retirement

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”     –Benjamin Franklin Last week, we talked about Cash Flow and the importance of spending less than you earn. Often, we find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck because we have never practiced the skill of delayed gratification.  Retirement is very similar. Planning for retirement often…

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Verisail’s Secret Revealed.Step 1-Dream

Over the next few weeks, we will walk through our financial planning process from start to finish. We will be revealing all of our “secrets.” The funny thing is that it’s NOT a secret! The process and principles have been known and discussed for thousands of years. Let’s dive in… Step 1 – DREAM You…

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Doing the impossible

We love to learn from inspiring people.  For me, Elon Musk is super inspirational.  He is confident that he can change the world and he does things most people would say are impossible.  From SpaceX to Tesla, he’s got some cool projects going on.   Read about how he plans to change traffic forever with…

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