20 Second Advisor: Wild Returns – Why You’ll Rarely Have A 10% Return (in a given year).

I often try to gauge a client’s understanding of investing by asking, “What is your return expectation/hope for your portfolio?” Conservative investors will often want 4-6% returns. Aggressive investors may hope for higher returns (maybe 8-10%). Unfortunately, it is VERY rare to get returns in this range. Investing is all about bearing the UNCERTAINTY of…

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20 Second Advisor: This Is CRAZY Math!

You may have heard the terms “Time Value of Money” or “Compounding Interest”. Rather than define them, let me show you a quick example which will make them come alive! You begin saving $1,000 / month when you turn 40 years old You save the same amount for 30 years You earn an average annual…

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20 Second Advisor: Here’s the prescription

As much as I love the internet and access to information, I recognize the potential harm that too much info can cause. Take, for example, a friend of mine, who was experiencing some troubling medical symptoms. Typing her symptoms into a search engine led to an evening of research and mounting consternation. By the end of…

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