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20 Second Advisor: Why Am I Doing This?

We work with a lot of business owners. At some point, they always ask “why am I doing this and what am I going to do when it’s done?” Usually, they are asking this about their business, but these questions carry over into our broader financial lives. It’s important to think through the long term…

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20 Second Advisor: An Overlooked Topic

When it comes to financial planning, I find that a topic that’s often overlooked is generosity. People who have a plan to share some of their hard earned money with others are more fulfilled and satisfied. I believe we all have an inherent desire to help others. We can express this by sharing our time…

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20 Second Advisor: Don’t waste your vacation days

A new study revealed that while Americans are earning more vacation days, they’re not using them. The study showed that around 150 million Americans collectively left an estimated 768 million days unused last year, up 9% from the year before. Most people cited cost as the top reason. Others cited the fact it was “too…

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20 Second Advisor: Trading Stocks Just Got A Lot Cheaper.

This week Charles Schwab announced that they will no longer charge for online trading of stocks, ETFs, and options. Prior to the announcement, Schwab was charging $4.95 per trade. Just this morning, TD Ameritrade also announced that they will cease charging customers trading commissions for online trades of stocks, ETFs, and options (see the official…

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20 Second Advisor: Top Reason People Seek Financial Help

The first question I ask when I meet with someone is… “What happened that made you want to reach out?” One of the most common answers is… “I’m doing this for my spouse; I want to make sure they have peace of mind and understand our finances.” This is a great reason! Many times, one…

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20 Second Advisor: Are you working too much?

Americans working long hours are burning out. A recent study from Sleep Junkie found that working long hours may not necessarily lead to solving all of your problems. 3 big takeaways from the study: Time: Almost 4 in 5 said long hours cut into quality time with their children Health: 4 in 5 who worked…

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20 Second Advisor: Urgent vs. Important

I recently re-read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It is a fantastic and timeless book that has the capacity to permanently impact our lives if we apply the principles. In the book, Stephen introduces the concept of the Urgent vs. Important matrix pictured below. Everything we do fits into one of…

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20 Second Advisor: Time to Refi?

Mortgage rates have dropped in the last month to the lowest rates since 2016 (see chart below). At the same time, many homeowners have seen their home value increase over the last few years. Now could be an advantageous time to refinance your mortgage to pay down debt, renovate your house, get rid of PMI,…

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20 Second Advisor: Do you need umbrella insurance?

I have received a few questions lately about whether umbrella insurance is necessary. Here are a few things to consider: It only makes sense to buy it if you have assets to protect Takes over when your home and auto policies run up against their coverage limits Helps to keep a massive lawsuit from wiping…

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